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Rocking Google Wave

29 Nov

I was really confused when I started with Google Wave, but suddenly after about two weeks, it all started to make sense. Now, I’m totally into it. Here’s what I am learning.


Using wave starts out really confusing but once you start to get into it, it kicks everloving a$$. Treat this like it is brand new, it’s not Facebook, it’s not Twitter, so forget everything you do on other sites, this is brand new so pretend you don’t know anything. It’s more like email, but real-time dynamic email with assets.

Use Chrome or Safari. If you’re using IE or Firefox, download Google Gears –  but the UX (user experience) is much better in Safari or Chrome.

The The Complete Guide to Google Wave: How to Use Google Wave is the best training manual that makes sense, work through it at your leisure, I skipped around as I tried to do stuff and referred to it.


I “got it” with \/\/ave after watching the Pulp Fiction video.

If you’re waving, find me: theresa.collington

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Al Gore’s gonna start acting crazy…

27 Nov

This is pretty funny. Al Gore was on SNL, and he’s talking about taping toy guns to trees.

Augmented reality: What you need to know

27 Nov

Great primer here from Rocketboom via The Future Digital Live.

Perfect if you don't know what it is,  aren't sure what it is, or need to show people what it is.

Geeking out on this like I am?

Here are links to all of the incredible Augmented Reality mentions in the video:

Thomas P. Caudell coined the term Augmented Reality in 1992 while working at Boeing

Very funny, video of a shirtless Asian man dancing, showing his Neo Geo Collection

Nearest Tube iPhone app

Layar (Augmented Reality browser)

Bionic Eye iPhone app

Augmented Reality and Topps Baseball cards (You Tube demo), Topps website with live player AR baseball cards, holy cool

Smart Grid (my demo, ok to laugh)
Augmented Reality Subway App

TAT Augmented Reality  hello Big Brother. This is the face recognition that applies AR data that you set to your profile in real life.  Here's the mobile UI company, and the facial recognition appilcations from

3D experience by Dassault Systems – augmented reality on a cereal box, perfect! Marker on the cereal box in front of the camera transforms the cereal box.

Hand From Above – hilarious, awesome AR billboard.

Augmented Reality Could be Coming to Your Contact Lens   (ooooh techno creepy goodness, if anyone needs a tester for these I volunteer)

Pulp Fiction explains Google Wave

27 Nov

Seriously, after watching this, Google Wave makes sense.

Warning: NSFW language & all things Tarantino, put on the headphones.

The South loves mac and cheese @ Thanksgiving

27 Nov

Tonight at dinner we were talking about mac and cheese, and how in the South it is part of the Thanksgiving spread.

Turns out – we were right, if you look at how people searched and where the queries came from, the South surely digs its mac and cheese on turkey day.

Check out this sweet, luscious infoporn from the New York Times.
Picture 4
Beautiful job here, nice color choices, great idea, great UX.

via Metafilter

Muppets do Queen

27 Nov

Bohemian Rhapsody – Muppet style…

GM and ND suspended over Twitter fail

25 Nov

From Florida News Center – thanks Bobby D!
Sources tell Florida News Center that the digital billboard “snafu” from earlier this week, has caused quite a stir at Mobile’s WPMI. Newport Television, the owners of WPMI, have suspeneded General Manager Shea Grandquest and News Director Wes Finley for one week, without pay. The picture below has circulated the Internet, after being posted on Twitter by a driver in the Mobile area.