Rocking Google Wave

29 Nov

I was really confused when I started with Google Wave, but suddenly after about two weeks, it all started to make sense. Now, I’m totally into it. Here’s what I am learning.


Using wave starts out really confusing but once you start to get into it, it kicks everloving a$$. Treat this like it is brand new, it’s not Facebook, it’s not Twitter, so forget everything you do on other sites, this is brand new so pretend you don’t know anything. It’s more like email, but real-time dynamic email with assets.

Use Chrome or Safari. If you’re using IE or Firefox, download Google Gears –  but the UX (user experience) is much better in Safari or Chrome.

The The Complete Guide to Google Wave: How to Use Google Wave is the best training manual that makes sense, work through it at your leisure, I skipped around as I tried to do stuff and referred to it.


I “got it” with \/\/ave after watching the Pulp Fiction video.

If you’re waving, find me: theresa.collington

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