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The joys of forum moderation

10 Dec



Alright, alright already with the Tiger Woods stuff.

But imagine you’re the moderator of the forum on the Official Tiger Woods fan site right now. For years your message boards have been in autopilot, now this. Ouch – they get to sound off, and Tiger Woods gets to pay for the bandwidth.

Hey Tiger, not for nothing, but if you’re reading this your blog really could use an update.

Oh, so could the “Ask Tiger Woods” section of your site


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Google Maps hilarity

6 Dec


You never really do know what you’ll get when you ride around the country in an unmarked van taking pictures, do you.

It never fails that reality is so much funnier than fiction.

Check out this hilarious blog post from techblog and see some serious hilarity caught on camera by the Google mappers.

The Role Playing just might be my favorite unless Google actually went back in time and got some Renaissance Vikings or whatever the heck these guys are. Who knew that in medieval Pittsburgh, oh never mind I am sure these guys have heard enough. And I am sure the Star Wars Kid is probably available for counsel.

Then there’s the house on fire and of course, the drunk dude.

Thanks for the funny, Google. I’ll be sure to wave to you when I go outside.

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Check out our live radar in our cool new embeddable player…

3 Dec

Forecast First rocks…

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