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So what DO I think of the iPad? This…

29 Jan
Click here to download:

ipad-lol (27 KB)

My initial reaction? This photo says it all (thanks Drew!)
Funny feminine-product-like name iPad aside, it will probably be remarkable in its next few generations.

I'd like to have them hanging on the walls in my house. And the data plan is a sign of good things to come.

But I'll wait for a card reader, a USB, and whatever mods the geniuses at Apple will think of over the next year or so before I get one.

In the meantime – I wonder how these guys are dealing with all the web traffic they must be getting.

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So – should I send this guy some money?

27 Jan
Check out this awesome new email scam I received today, from London.  Should I send this guy some money?

From: Mark Rachal []
Sent: Wednesday, January 27, 2010 3:07 AM
Subject: Help !!!


 I'm sorry for this odd request because it might get to you too urgent but it's because of the situation of things right now. I'm stuck in London,England with my family right now, we came down here for a short vacation then i was robbed, worse of it is that bags, cash and cards and my cell phone was stolen at GUN POINT, it's such a crazy experience for us, we need help flying back home, the authorities are not being 100% supportive but the good thing is we still have our passports and return tickets but currently having troubles paying off the hotel bills and also getting a cab to take us to the airport. Please i need you to loan me some money, will refund you as soon as I'm back home, i promise.

 Thank you.


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info porn meets food porn…

26 Jan

We've all heard of the 30 Second Rule, right?

Fabulous infographic – "Should You Eat It?" flowchart from the SFWeekly Food Blog via FlowingData.

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Sky lomos

24 Jan