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Food lomos #camerabag

28 Feb

More on the Sprite Step Off 2010

28 Feb

Here's the statement from Sprite, on two winners in the Sprite Step Off 2010, because of "scoring discrepancies:"
Sprite Stepoff 2010: two winners statement

Here's the MTV2 Video page, but I don't see video of this year's step off. Maybe I am missing it.

The winning sorority Zeta Tau Alpha's website is pretty good.

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Sprite 2010 Step Off – Arkansas Sorority Girls stomp some ass

28 Feb

A good friend showed me this to me yesterday. You have got to watch this.

Apparently – there was a big upset at the Sprite Step Off 2010 in Atlanta – when some white sorority girls from Arkansas did an unreal step routine. Turns out that for the first time – the Sprite Step Off in 2010 had to have *two* winners.

If you click on that link you will see she was correct – there were two winners.

Nothing I can say here can come close to describing how kickass this routine is – you just have to watch it here. If you want to see all of the contestants, you can keep watching they will just play.

Funny – what a miss for Sprite! Their name is all over this – logos are everywhere, they could have shot it with a flipcam from the pit and put it on their website, and included some logo shots but they gave YouTube all the play…See? No video update on the Sprite Step Off 2010 website since 2009. D’oh! They tell me to go watch it on MTV last week…

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Daybreak #camerabag

28 Feb


20 Feb

I love my husband, because he lets me do these things to him.
Like try to make him and his brilliant slackyness an internet meme.

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Random lomos #lomob

14 Feb

Hearts and flowers #lomob

13 Feb